Forehearth Technology

Improved production using Ferro technology

Ferro offers 30 years of experience in F.H.C. technology and design, development and troubleshooting. Almost all colours produced in the tank can be made in a smaller furnace downstream, using FHC technology. In addition, FHC delivers many advantages over tank colouration, such as improved productivity, greater flexibility, lower inventory and shipping costs and reduced energy consumption. FHC equipment and layout design services are offered, together with a full colour matching service to suit your particular glass formulation(s).

The advantages of the forehearth colouring system for glass manufacturers, as well as the glass packaging end-user and designer, include:

• Cost-effective colouration for small volume campaigns
• Increased productivity
• Reduced contamination potential
• Custom colour matching
• Glass samples
• Trial production runs
• Production cost/data for glass manufacturers
• Technical support
• Prompt service response

The forehearth colouring system can produce a wide range of colours by combining various metal oxides. Colour charts are available for preliminary colour matching purposes. Please call us to discuss your needs.