Architectural Industry

Ferro pioneers the introduction of lead free glass coatings

For many years Ferro has worked closely with the architectural glass industry and pioneered the introduction of lead-free glass enamel colours for traditional use on the inner surface or surface 2 of glass cladding. Ferro launched s1de ONE colours in 2006, with the first projects using this series completed in 2009.

Since that time, architects and glass decorators around the world have welcomed the additional functionality and design potential that these glass enamels offer. The series is named after their ability to be applied on the external surface of glass commonly known as the first surface or surface 1. The colours have high durability and are able to with stand the required industry tests for mechanical and chemical resistance (acid rain).

Iconic, high rise buildings around the world have been completed using Ferro s1de ONE, UV resistant colours on their exterior, curtain wall facades with spectacular results.