History of Glass

Archaeological findings in Egypt and Eastern Mesopotamia indicate that the first manufactured glass dates back to 3000BC. The oldest fragments of glass vases were found in Mesopotamia in the 16th century BC and they represented the evidence of the origins of the glass industry. Beside Mesopotamia, glass production was also evolving in the same time in Egypt, in Mycenae (Greece), China and North Tyrol. The first glassmaking manual from the library of the Assyrian king Ashurbanipal (669-626 BC) date back to around 650BC.

After the decline of the Roman Empire in the 4th and 5th centuries AD the craft of glass making waned in Europe. The Industry continued to thrive in Iran, Iraq and Egypt and in Europe early in the 12th century stained glass windows for monasteries and cathedrals were developed.

Ferro Corporation manufactures a comprehensive range of glass coating and decorating products for the Automotive, Container, Appliance, Industrial and Ceramic Dinnerware industries. Ferro products are used internationally by leading glass manufacturers for both decorative and functional applications.

Colour & Glass Performance Materials, a Division of Ferro SA (Pty) Ltd., distribute the Ferro products and conform to the exacting standards that are required by Ferro Corporation and the Glass manufacturing Industries..


Leading the way with these new developments

New car models feature Ferro products

Ferro has been involved from the beginning in providing the glass enamels and conductive silver pastes required to meet the demanding specifications set by the automobile producers and the glass industry. Glass enamel technology has advanced rapidly, as the auto industry has called for the elimination of heavy metals, reduction in glass thickness, more complex glass shapes and improvements in glass resistance to acid rain and other severe environmental conditions encountered around the world.

Bring your glass packaging to light

Glass packaging on the shelf really shines thanks to Ferro fore-hearth technology.
Fluorescence is a light emission resulting from an absorption of UV light, X-rays, cathodic rays or even lasers. This emitted light is called luminescence and is visible only under exposure. This means that objects treated correctly with fluorescent materials, which will be clear under natural light, can appear coloured when exposed to light radiation of a certain wavelength.

Ferro leads the way for Architectural Glass

Ferro has long been a leader in the supply of innovative glass enamel colours for flat glass. We were the first to introduce “lead free” and “cadmium free” colour systems to the industry in the 1990’s and the first to introduce durable colours for use on the exposed outside surface of exterior architectural glass.
Some of the iconic projects including the tallest buildings around the world have chosen Ferro enamel colours for use in their exterior glass curtain wall cladding.

Core values

Colour & Glass Performance Materials, a Division of Ferro S.A. (Pty) Ltd, proudly distribute the range of Ferro Corp products and maintain the standards and core values set by the Ferro Corporation, which are:

Customer Focus
Our customers are why we exist. We want to build trusting relationships that make customers successful.

Accountability and Performance
We work to the highest performance standards to create value for customers and shareholders.

Innovative Thinking
We seek new ideas for technologies and business processes and are always striving to improve our service to our customers.

Teamwork and Collaboration
We are committed to a work environment of trust and respect, working together to consistently deliver value to customers and shareholders.